About Us


GWBB is not just an apparel company, it’s a lifestyle.

Inspired by today’s modern “Tomboy”, we create high quality apparel blending street wear designs with the comfort of active wear.  GWBB represents a lifestyle for those that understand, reflect and embrace the definition of the modern Tomboy.

Tom·boy [tämˌboi]
Noun, Female

1.    She is a true individual of society
2.    Does not conform to society’s perception of the typical female gender role
3.    Participates in games and activities that are physical in nature
4.    Navigates effortlessly in a man’s world but is also feminine and sexy when she desires.
5.    Dresses as she feels best suited, not because she feels cultural pressure by the commonality
6.    Unfazed by the judgment of others nor does she judge others for the way they are

Strong, independent, accepted, active, stylish, physically fit, vibrant, free spirit, trendsetter.


It all began with a vision…

For years, co-founder Bridget Lovett searched for a comfortable yet trendy women’s boxer brief.  With no success, she envisioned a brand that embraced her lifestyle as a modern Tomboy.  This became the founding concept for creating Girls Will Be Boys (GWBB).  She decided to link up with two of her long time friends and turn this idea into reality.

Recently relocated from sunny California back to her hometown in New York, Lauren Miller spent years working as an apparel and accessories designer in Los Angeles. Her homecoming couldn’t have come at a better time.  She quickly connected with Bridget and signed on as the Creative Director for Design. Instantly, the two began collaborating ideas.  Lauren has degrees in both fashion design and illustration.

Shortly after, Victoria Robinson joined the GWBB team as the Director of Business Development.  Victoria holds a degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications from the Fashion Institute of Technology located in NYC.  She contributes her knowledge and vast experience from working as a Marketing Manager for many years.

After many long nights, copious amounts of energy drinks, and numerous bottles of wine the team set forth the foundations for the company and began working endlessly to bring the vision to life.  Word caught on quickly creating hype through nothing more than social networks and word of mouth.