1. Men wore underwear long before women ever did.  Women didn’t start wearing underwear in England until around the 18th century.
    2. Back in the 1700s, if clothing touched your skin it was considered part of underwear.  This means shirts!  Only a shirt’s collar, front and wristbands could be revealed in public because the rest was considered your underwear.
    3. In the 1960-70s, a new convenient option of underwear for traveling men and women began to appear…. disposable paper briefs.
    4. Thongs were originally made for both men and women due to nude-public-swimming being banned in LA.
    5. In the 19th century, English ladies wore layers of heavy petticoats instead of underwear.  It was frowned upon for women to wear underwear at the time.
    6. On average, American women own about 21 pairs of underwear each.
    7. It is typically considered good hygiene for all underwear to have the crotch lined with a cotton fabric.
    8. Married people are more likely to change their underwear daily than single people.  About 88% vs 82%.
    9. People used to store their underwear in the freezer as a way to keep cool before the option of air conditioning.
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