GWBB Girls Will Be Boys is active loungewear inspired by today’s modern tomboy. We know how important it is to feel comfortable in your skin. That’s why our focus is, and always has been, on making high quality apparel that boldly fits all shapes and sizes. GWBB represents a lifestyle for those that understand, reflect, and embrace their true self.

GWBB is not just an apparel company, it’s a lifestyle.

Inspired by today’s modern “Tomboy”, we create high quality apparel blending street wear designs with the comfort of active wear.  GWBB represents a lifestyle for those that understand, reflect and embrace the definition of the modern Tomboy.

Tom·boy [tämˌboi]

1.    A true individual of society
2.    Does not conform to society’s perception of the typical gender roles
3.    Participates in games and activities that are physical in nature
4.    Navigates effortlessly in a man’s world but is also feminine and sexy when they desire
5.    Dresses as one feels best suited, not because one feels cultural pressure by the commonality
6.    Unfazed by the judgment of others and dos not judge others for the way they are

Strong, independent, accepted, active, stylish, vibrant, free spirit, trendsetter.