While the world is in a tizzy and many are currently working from home, we wanted to highlight the versatility, and many uses of our beloved Women’s Boxer Brief.  Many of you have probably experienced a variety of underwear – thongs, granny panties, bikinis, cheekies, boyshorts, boxer briefs – but being home majority of the time has made us realize that Boxer Briefs are the hands-down winner in this underwear competition.  Why?  Let’s break it down:


If you already own a pair of GWBB Boxer Briefs you know what we are talking about.  If not, let us tell you…there things are comfy!!!  Wearing these Boxer Briefs provides a feeling of wearing nothing and yet still a feeling that your curves are being hugged.  You can spend your day moving from bed to an at-home workstation to cuddling up on the couch in what feels like a perfect mixture of underwear and loungewear in one.  These GWBB Boxer Briefs will make you feel like you are supported throughout the day.  The waistband and seams are also perfectly placed and sized so they will not dig into you creating any weird pouching or gathering.

No Fussing Necessary

Anyone else sick of picking wedgies?? You won’t have that problem with these Boxer Briefs!  For many, wearing a thong means needing to pick your wedgie throughout the day (yes, we know the thong is meant to go there, but sometimes it really gets wedged!!).  Also, pretty much the same result is experienced with bikinis, cheekies, boyshorts, and granny panties…these types of under garments either need to be super tight or they will inevitably turn in to a wedgie as I move throughout the day.  These boxer briefs are completely wedgie-free!  You will also never had to worry about these Briefs rolling up on the legs or moving on the waist.  They stay perfectly in place without being constricting.  Underwear should be fuss-free.


One of our most favorite attributes of the GWBB Boxer Briefs is their versatility.  These Boxer Briefs can be worn all day with or without anything over them!  These Boxer Briefs are perfect to sleep in in comfort.  If you are cold, you can simply will throw on some loungewear or pants over these Boxer Briefs.  If you are warm, just stay in your Boxer Briefs all day.  No pants or shorts needed!  The Boxer Briefs provide a nice buffer between your skin and the other surfaces throughout your home (leather seats, scratchy couch, etc).  You could even run to a nearby store or go for a walk with just the Boxer Briefs and a long t-shirt on.  Also, now that workouts are at-home for most, these Boxer Briefs are all you need for your lower body!!  They provide mobility, coverage, and the breathability needed to get through your entire workout in comfort.

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