Maybe it’s just us, but it seems like everywhere you look today, the new “it” product is a boxer brief designed for women.  What used to be considered ‘menswear’ is now the flag-bearer of a full blown female comfort revolution.  

Gone are the days that women had to shop the men’s aisles, looking for a pair of boxer briefs that fit so-so.  If you’ve tried, you’ve experienced how there’s just a little too much room in the front area, or how they seemed to be built to last 2 months, tops.  Only a few years ago, it was either those or granny-panties.  Not exactly the selection we deserve.  


Today, not only can we choose from about a dozen different lengths.  We’ve also got fabrics galore.  We’re talking cotton, spandex, lycra, micro-modal, and more.  Plus there’s about 10 new brands to choose from.  

And we LOVE it.  

Look, do we wish you ladies only bought GWBB boxer briefs?  Sure.  Do we think our briefs are the best and most comfortable on the market?  Yes.  But are we worried about a little friendly competition? Not at all.  Here’s a few reasons why: 

  • *Since 2013, GWBB has been a proud pioneer in this space.  Put simply, we’ve been doing this a long time and we know what works.  We’ve tested a variety of fits, lengths, waistbands, etc. and we think our boxer briefs check every box. 
  • *Our briefs are made from an ideal blend of cotton (for breathability) and Spandex (for stretch).   Some brands prefer modal blends, however we’ve found that for our sensitive areas, cotton has a smaller chance of causing health issues (anyone gotten a yeast infection recently?  Not fun).  Our privates have a preference!  Modal does wick sweat nicely, but in our opinion – cotton is still the gold standard for healthy lady bits.
  • *Our waistbands are embroidered instead of printed.  Printed waistbands are typically thinner and have a high chance of fading, leaving a worn, low-quality look and feel.  GWBB waistbands will look as good from day 1 to day 1,001 (seriously, they last years).  

  • *Let’s talk seams.  While this may “seem” like an insignificant detail – where you place seams is critically important.  Our seams are made to feel gentle on your skin.  They’re also strategically placed so that when you pull them on, they land around your sensitive area and not directly on it.  
  • *Here’s another thing; we don’t typically like to flaunt this, but we price our briefs for everyone.  Spending $30, or even $40 for a pair of briefs is just too much.  We commit to our customers that our briefs will never exceed $20.  
  • *Lastly, if this list isn’t enough to put you over the edge, new customers get 10% off their first purchase (with code: WELCOME10).  And if you don’t love your purchase, we do allow returns.  

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